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Confluent Global Training

Découvrez Apache Kafka® de Confluent, l'entreprise créée par les développeurs originaux de Kafka.

Confluent Fundamentals for Apache Kafka®

Objectifs de la formation

Confluent Fundamentals for Apache Kafka®

Durée de la formation

This is a one-day course available On-demand (self-paced) or Instructor-led by request.

Qui devrait y participer ?

This course is designed for all professionals who work with a real-time event streaming platform powered by Apache Kafka. This course is a recommended prerequisite for students attending Confluent Operations for Apache Kafka and/or the Confluent Skills for Building Apache Kafka.

Conditions requises pour la formation

Attendees are not expected to have any prior experience with Kafka. Some basic understanding of the Linux OS and experience in using a shell like Bash is beneficial.

Vue d’ensemble du contenu de la formation

  • Introduction
  • Motivation and Customer Use Cases
  • Apache Kafka Fundamentals
  • How Kafka Works
  • Integrating Kafka into your Environment
  • The Confluent Platform

Exercices pratiques

Tout au long de la formation, des exercices pratiques renforcent les topics abordés lors des discussions.

For a more detailed course outline, please view the course information sheet.

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