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Confluent Global Training

Découvrez Apache Kafka® de Confluent, l'entreprise créée par les développeurs originaux de Kafka.

Confluent pour les développeurs :
Élaboration de solutions Apache Kafka®

Objectifs de la formation

In this three-day, hands-on course, you will learn how to build applications that publish and subscribe to an Apache Kafka® cluster. You will learn the role of Kafka in the modern real-time event streaming platform, discuss core Kafka architectural concepts and components, and explore the Kafka developer APIs. In addition to Kafka, Kafka Connect and Kafka Streams, the course covers other components in the broader Confluent Platform, such as the Schema Registry, the REST Proxy and KSQL. You will also receive an overview on how to use and integrate with Confluent Cloud, a fully managed real-time event streaming platform based on Apache Kafka.

Durée de la formation

This is a three-day training course.

Qui devrait y participer ?

This course is designed for application architects, developers and data scientists who need to interact with Kafka clusters as a source of or destination for data.

Conditions requises pour la formation

Attendees should be familiar with developing professional apps in Java (preferred), .NET, C# or Python. Additionally, a working knowledge of the Apache Kafka architecture is required for this course, either through prior experience or by taking the recommended prerequisite, Confluent Fundamentals of Apache Kafka®.

To evaluate your Kafka knowledge for this course, please complete the self-assessment

Participants are required to provide a laptop computer with unobstructed internet access to fully participate in the class.

Confluent offers this course as Instructor-led (in-person or online) and On Demand. Please visit for more information.

For inquiries about onsite training, please email

Vue d’ensemble du contenu de la formation

  • Introduction
  • Fundamentals of Apache Kafka
  • Kafka’s Architecture
  • Developing With Kafka
  • Plus de développement avancé avec Kafka
  • Schema Management In Kafka
  • Data Pipelines with Kafka Connect
  • Stream Processing with Kafka Streams
  • Stream Processing with Confluent KSQL
  • Event Driven Architecture
  • Confluent Cloud

Exercices pratiques

Tout au long de la formation, des exercices pratiques renforcent les topics abordés lors des discussions.

For a more detailed course outline, please view the course information sheet.

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