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Développement multilingue

Easily write and connect event streaming applications to Apache Kafka®

Confluent Platform makes it easier for developers to leverage event streaming by providing multi-language development tools to build producers and consumers for Kafka.


Non-Java Clients

Battle-tested clients for C/C++, Go, Python, and .NET to write Kafka producers and consumers and run administrative functions. These clients are fully open-sourced and are consistently maintained to ensure their continued high performance.

Proxy REST

REST Proxy provides a RESTful interface to your Kafka cluster, making it easy for your HTTP-connected applications to produce and consume messages without needing to use Kafka clients.

API d'administration REST

Admin REST APIs enable you to perform the same administrative operations as the Confluent clients, Confluent CLI, or Control Center through REST, providing greater flexibility in how you manage your cluster.

Make Kafka widely accessible to developers

Support for popular programming languages

Enable more developers to build more event streaming applications by providing a number of programming options beyond Java. Write producers and consumers for your Kafka cluster in C/C++, Go, Python, and .NET

Standardized development on Kafka

Standardize all your application development on Kafka and enable a microservices architecture throughout your organization by leveraging the compatibility of Confluent Platform with a broad set of programming languages.

Connect any application to Kafka

RESTful interface to Kafka

Enable any HTTP-connected application to produce to and consume from your Kafka cluster with REST Proxy. This is particularly useful for your legacy applications written in languages without a supported Kafka client.

Access for third-party applications

Allow third-party applications from your key partner organizations to produce and consume messages to and from Kafka without any risk to the security of your cluster. REST Proxy can be used in combination with applications designed to work with HTTP such as API gateways.

Standardized communication on REST

More and more enterprises are choosing to standardize all communication between applications on REST. REST Proxy helps you meet this organizational requirement without impacting your developers’ productivity with Kafka.

Simplify administration operations for Kafka

Manage Kafka through REST

Perform a comprehensive set of administrative operations through REST APIs, including:

  • Describe, list, and configure brokers
  • Create, delete, describe, list, and configure topics
  • Delete, describe, and list consumer groups
  • Create, delete, describe, and list ACLs
  • List partition reassignments