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Confluent Platform and VMware Tanzu

Build, Run and Manage Modern Applications

VMware Tanzu, a set of solutions for developing, deploying, monitoring and managing any app in any cloud combined with Confluent Platform, the enterprise event streaming platform based on Apache Kafka® deliver the premier environment for microservices and event driven applications. Together, we deliver a simplified operational environment that enables developer velocity, agility, and innovation.

Why VMware Tanzu and Confluent Platform?

  • Event Driven Microservices Development Velocity

    The Spring projects make it easy to develop production-ready applications and microservices using Confluent as the event streaming platform

  • Multi-cloud flexibility

    Build modern applications on-prem or in any cloud and leverage your data, regardless of where it exists. Deploying Confluent Platform on VMware Tanzu gives you the freedom to run your applications on any cloud — private or public– without modification and delivering freedom of choice.

  • Robust Management of Applications and Kafka At Scale

    Automate provisioning of Confluent Platform on VMware Tanzu in minutes and scale as needed with Confluent Operator or bind your PAS and kubernetes apps directly to Confluent on a Tanzu VM.

  • Confluent and Pivotal Integration

    Confluent and Pivotal deliver the premier modern environment for microservices and contextual event driven applications.

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