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Confluent Platform and Luminex

Stream Mainframe Application and z/OS System Data into Apache Kafka with Luminex

Data-driven enterprises need access to mainframe data to feed distributed applications, microservices and other business operations, and to enable organizations to use all their data for competitive advantage. Luminex uses FICON I/O channels to stream mainframe application and z/OS system data to distributed applications with Apache Kafka and Confluent Platform in near-real time, more securely and efficiently, and with greater flexibility. With Luminex and Confluent, data centers are modernized and transformed through event streaming, by unlocking the valuable data in mainframes.

Luminex zKonnect – Kafka Integration for Mainframes

Why Luminex and Confluent Platform?

  • Stream Mainframe Data

    Near-real time streaming of mainframe application and z/OS system data without the overhead

  • Ease of Access

    Eliminates common challenges accessing data in mainframe systems, including the cost and speed of data movement, lack of agility and steep learning curves

  • Fast and Efficient

    Reduce mainframe-to-Kafka ingest times and MIPS usage by 90+%, so you can access more data, more often

  • VSAM to JSON with Luminex

    Inline off-host data conversion, including VSAM data and copybooks to JSON format

Luminex and Confluent Platform Integration

Luminex eliminates the overhead, bottlenecks and security risks associated with data movement over mainframe-based TCP/IP, enabling more efficient and agile streaming data pipelines by using FICON.

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