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Real-time and Continuous Data Integration into Apache Kafka®

Replicate or migrate data from relational database technologies with HVR to Kafka and Confluent Platform to enable microservices and capture data changes in real time. HVR technology delivers end-to-end data integration capabilities to set up and manage real-time log-based change data capture and continuous data delivery with Kafka and Confluent as a target. HVR provides the necessary replication capabilities in a single unified environment with native, high performance data delivery and integration with schema registry. A short list of platforms HVR supports for data replication to Kafka and Confluent Platform include: Oracle, SQL Server, PostgreSQL, S3, Redshift, SAP HANA, ADLS, IBM DB2, IBM z/OS. For a complete list visit HVR Platform Support.

Why HVR and Confluent Platform?

  • Enable microservice adoption

    Easy transition to microservices from legacy infrastructure with HVR and Kafka to achieve better customer service

  • Continuous Delivery

    Non-intrusive, log-based, transactional CDC on many source technologies with optimized and continuous delivery into Kafka



  • Ease Cloud Migration

    Migration of legacy data from RDBMS or file systems to Confluent Cloud is made easy and efficient with HVR

  • Flexible Options

    Support for many source RDBMS and file technologies, and deliver data in JSON, Avro and other formats

Confluent Platform and HVR Integration

HVR and Confluent together help customers integrate their legacy RDBMS systems faster. HVR populates the schema registry in Kafka, using tables from existing databases or applications. HVR also simplifies population of Kafka topics with an initial data set, and incrementally using continuous log-based CDC.

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