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Integrate data from any database for real-time data streaming and analytics

Attunity is an enterprise data integration product that allows you to easily access real-time data at scale. With Confluent and Attunity’s partnership, customers can modernize their data centers by streaming data from > 40 sources, like mainframe data and traditional databases, to Confluent Enterprise in real-time.

Production databases fuel many of the most compelling and actionable Apache Kafka® enabled analytics use cases, ranging from real-time customer predictions and business insights, to supply chain optimization to operational reporting. Attunity solutions simplify and automate the data replication, data ingestion, and real-time data streaming process to prepare data streams for Kafka and Confluent Enterprise.

Why Confluent Platform with Attunity

  • Build a Modern Streaming Foundation

    Ingest real-time data from mainframes efficiently with CDC technology for Confluent Enterprise and Kafka

  • Enable real-time analytics

    Address advanced streaming analytics use cases and realize more value from your data



  • Ensure data availability

    Attunity Replicate streams data from over 40 sources with low-latency and low-impact to databases for multi-application availability

  • Reduce training requirements

    Automate the processes to prepare data streams for Confluent Enterprise or use simple drag and drop features

CDC technology from Attunity

is used to stream over 40 sources in real-time

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