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Introduction to ksqlDB

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You’ve got streams of data that you want to process and store? You’ve got events from which you’d like to derive state or build aggregates? And you want to do all of this in a scalable and fault-tolerant manner? It’s just as well that Kafka and ksqlDB exist!

ksqlDB vous permet de créer des applications de streaming événementiel avec la même facilité et familiarité que pour le développement d'applications traditionnelles sur une base de données relationnelle. Elle simplifie également l'architecture sous-jacente de ces applications afin que vous puissiez créer des systèmes puissants en temps réel, avec seulement quelques instructions SQL.

This talk will cover the concepts and capabilities of ksqlDB. We’ll show how you can apply transformations to a stream of events from one Kafka topic to another. We’ll discuss using ksqlDB connectors to bring in data from other systems and use that data to join and enrich streams.

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  • What is ksqlDB and how does it work?
  • ksqlDB use cases, architecture and components
  • How to process streams of events
  • The semantics of streams and tables, and of push and pull queries
  • How to use the ksqlDB API to get state directly from the materialised store
  • What makes ksqlDB elastically scalable and fault-tolerant

This session is part 3 of 3 in our Stream Processing Fundamentals series.