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UC San Diego

UC San Diego Reduces Time-to-Value for Core Business Processes with Integration Layer Built on Data In Motion With Confluent

In light of the global pandemic, The University of California, San Diego had to shut down on-campus facilities, resulting in a loss of millions of dollars every month. The university felt immense pressure to transition and build out their online learning platform, ultimately transforming how they serve their students, employees, researchers, and IT admins. However, their existing legacy architecture did not allow the IT team to be agile enough to anticipate and react quickly to real-time changes. Addressing these challenges meant rethinking how IT looked at real-time data.


Reduce friction in core business processes to enable rapid real-time responses to student, staff, IT admin, and researcher demands.


Use Confluent as the event streaming centerpiece of a university-wide integration platform.


  • Time-to-value improved
  • Streaming workloads rapidly scaled
  • Storage costs lowered
  • Development time and costs cut by 80%

Scott Lee

UC San Diego

"Within a month we had a working, production-ready application that would have taken a year to build out in the past. Our middleware layer—with Kafka and Confluent at its core—improves time-to-value, and that’s critical to our operational model and invaluable to the business."

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