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KeyBank Fuels National Digital Bank Initiative with Data in Motion and Confluent

Following the acquisition of Laurel Road, a digital consumer lending business, KeyBank launched an initiative to build a national digital bank focused on doctors, dentists, and other healthcare professionals looking to refinance student loans and buy homes. The initiative is viewed as a growth engine for KeyBank, which is already among the nation’s largest bank-based financial services companies, with assets of approximately $170.5 billion.

Confluent’s platform for data in motion is helping to fuel the national digital bank initiative and the wider digital transformation underway at KeyBank. A major motivation for this transformation was reducing time to market for new products by democratizing data and decoupling systems across the IT landscape.


Power a national digital bank initiative and enterprise-wide digital transformation by reducing the time and effort needed to integrate systems


Create a center of excellence to help teams harness data in motion with Confluent Platform to make data available to systems throughout the bank


  • Time-to-market estimates halved.
  • Mainframe and message queue cost estimates cut.
  • De-risked adoption of a new technology paradigm.

Michael Roseman


“We are currently in the process of moving our on-prem Teradata data marts to Google BigQuery, and we see a strong use case for Confluent Cloud with that move,” says Roseman. “We’ll soon be running Confluent Platform with Anthos on bare metal, which will also help us in the transition.”

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