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Intel Builds a Modern, Scalable Cyber Intelligence Platform with Confluent Platform

As cyber threats grow more frequent and sophisticated, they pose an increasingly grave threat to computing environments and an organization’s ability to innovate and expand. Today, large enterprises must prioritize information security, and invest in processes and technologies that improve threat detection and response times.

Intel has transformed its legacy cybersecurity systems, using Apache Kafka® and Confluent Platform to build a modern, scalable Cyber Intelligence Platform (CIP). The platform ingests tens of terabytes each day, performing in-stream processing for faster and more accurate detection of and responses to security threats. CIP also supports vulnerability management, security compliance and enforcement, threat hunting, incident response, and risk management activities.


Rapidly detect and respond to cybersecurity threats across the enterprise


Use Confluent Platform and Kafka to build a scalable cyber intelligence platform powered by high-throughput, low-latency event streaming

Confluent features used

  • Plateforme Confluent
  • Confluent Control Center
  • ksqlDB
  • Multi-region clusters
  • Role-based access control


  • Lowered mean time to detect and respond to security threats with high-throughput, low-latency event streams
  • Reduced technical debt by eliminating custom, point-to-point integrations
  • Cut compute and ingestion costs for Splunk and downstream systems by filtering data in-stream
  • Integrated multiple, disparate security data sources in near real time to enable faster, more accurate decision-making

Brent Conran

Vice President and CISO

Kafka technology, combined with Confluent's enterprise features and high­-performance Intel architecture, support our mission to make it safe for Intel to go fast

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