Project Metamorphosis : dévoilement de la plateforme de streaming d'événements nouvelle génération. En savoir plus


BAADER développe une chaîne de valeur alimentaire basée sur des données IoT grâce à Confluent Cloud

BAADER is the leading provider of food processing solutions for the fish, poultry and meat industry. With more than 100 years of experience in designing and engineering innovative solutions, BAADER is working to ensure intelligent, safe, efficient, and sustainable food processing from farm to fork.

As part of the company’s evolution into a digital full solution provider for the entire food value chain, BAADER is using Apache Kafka and Confluent Cloud as its core digital platform and a single source of truth. Streaming applications based on IoT data are enabling the company to capitalize on new business opportunities and helping its partners optimize operations. With ksqlDB, BAADER is maximizing the value of data and event-driven applications by applying filters and transformations to streaming data in real-time.


Increase efficiency in food processing by using data to interpret and forecast events across the entire food value chain


Use Confluent Cloud to build a digital platform for streaming, processing, and integrating IoT, weather, and GPS data in real-time and at scale.

Confluent features used

  • Confluent Cloud
  • ksqlDB
  • Elasticsearch Sink Connector and MongoDB Sink Connector for Confluent Platform


  • Industry-first data-driven food value chain established
  • New business opportunities opened
  • Kafka maintenance and management activities offloaded
  • Data streams filtered, integrated, and curated in real-time

Stefan Frehse

Digitalization Software Architect

By capturing events all along the food value chain, processing those events in Confluent Cloud and sharing insights with interested parties throughout the chain, we are not only increasing the value we provide but also making food production as a whole more intelligent and efficient.


How Confluent Cloud helps for sustainable food processing - Video

How Confluent Cloud helps for sustainable food processing - Slides

Routing IoT Data with KSQL and Kafka Connect - Video

Routing IoT Data with KSQL and Kafka Connect - Slides

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